Day 9 – Heroes

Natalie:  “Whose online business do you admire most and why?”

In starting the business I have in mind, while much of the product will not be online. I have learned enough from one of my mentors, Bill Walsh, to know that an online presence is critical to success.  From the “squeeze” page to the actual product offering, there are many places in between to promote a business–videos, blogs, advice, feedback, social media, newsletters and so on. I look forward to doing Bill’s Rainmaker Summit to learn more about how to do this.

Long before online business appeared, I bumped into Brian Tracy when I took his Phoenix Seminar. It was a fabulous, inspiring course that changed my life at the time. Just hearing his voice inspires me. Just now, I checked out his site. There are no fewer than 14 products referenced right on the front page which also features a video and a blog.  Phew!  

Bill Harris of Holosync fame got me hooked years ago with a free offering that and program that I eventually purchased. I used the program for months and months in a particularly stressful time and I think it saved me. I continue to receive emails that are packed with information, videos and lots of additional material both free and for sale.

Natalie Sisson was referred to me just recently and clearly she has her mission figured out because here I am.  Her online presence is hugely inspiring and the community she is building is truly astounding.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe has created a fantastic line of herbal supplements that help to build hormones and improved health in ways that most physicians don’t recognize. I saw her speak last week and was truly impressed. Her website is loaded with great information and giveaways and her products are amazing.


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Aspiring software consultant specializing in SharePoint. Business implementations and change management focusing on end user experience that is satisfying and productive.
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