Day 7 – Great tools, new and old

Natalie:  “Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?”

Answering today’s blog question now will bring me up to date and that, in itself, is the first tool: Do the hard stuff first.

Anytime, I put off doing something, I add it to my A list. Once it hits the A list, I have to do it as soon as possible. I’m developing a system which, I hope, will evolve into a really effective way to measure my progress. Each item on the Activity Log is either A, B or C.  An A item is worth 3 points, B is worth 2 points and C is worth 1 point.  But there are no points unless three A items have been completed.  This is somewhat arbitrary but so far it’s working. To date, I have accomplished anywhere from 9 to 17 points daily, with an average of 13 points (3 A items and 2 B items.)

Tool number two:  Stay focused on the end goal and believe, believe, believe.

I have now been looking for the next revenue generating contract for seven weeks. It’s not a long time and I should allow longer but the pressure is on. Maintaining focus and believing are psychologically challenging and more important than ever. I know something will fall into place soon. It always has.

My secret weapon, number one: Meditate every day.

At no time in my life has waking up in the morning been easy. Rarely have I leapt out of bed raring to go. But the early bird gets the worm. This I know and I strive daily for an early start. However, regardless of what time I wake up and finally sit up, I do my 10 to 20 minute meditation. While I learned great techniques for guided meditation years ago, it’s simpler now. I sometimes use internet ones–I’ll check out Natalie’s recommendations. I incorporate different things as I learn them. Lately, Dr. Wayne Dyer has some wonderful ideas I use every day. I am not entirely sure how effective my meditation is in empirical terms but my life is simply splendid and I just have to believe that the meditation contributes in large part.

My secret weapon, number two: Exercise.

This past June, a sidewalk jumped in my way and fractured my left foot. It was the first time in my life I have ever been sidelined so completely. As we, on the west coast, experienced the most stunning summer in decades, I found myself unable to walk far, unable to exercise, and, surprisingly, having to rest often because, darn it, my body needed to heal.  After an agonizing nine weeks in a cast, I was free!  I started back to the gym, swimming, riding my bike to the beach, attending Pilates and yoga classes, doing a Ski Fit class–it’s over the top! I realized how incredibly important exercise was to me–my goal, to do something active every day.

New-to-me tool: Start a mastermind group.

I did it! Only two of us so far but we have a weekly phone conversation to review our goals, chat about research and motivate one another. I look forward to adding participants and creating a vibrant support group to keep me going!

I know other tools will become part of my life but these are the keys for me.


About skateykat

Aspiring software consultant specializing in SharePoint. Business implementations and change management focusing on end user experience that is satisfying and productive.
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