Day 5 – Is a perfect day possible?

Natalie: “How to create your perfect day in work and play”

This should be easy. Why is it not easy? Do we really spend so much of our lives embedded in our everyday routines that we fail to envision our perfect life?  Well, yes, of course.  Who has time? Who has the money? Even when we plan a wonderful vacation, we know it is temporary. We save up for it. It’s a break from the reality of our regular life, a rest, a change and an adventure. And yet, here is Natalie changing people’s lives with the notion that you can run a business while you are on that vacation. She’s upsetting the idea of a vacation as an escape and making it an everyday occurrence.

Well, I have done this exercise before–more than once. And frankly, my life does improve by the day and is dramatically better than ever. While I am still not exactly living my perfect life, I am closer to it in many ways.

On my ideal day, I rise early, next to my perfect partner, feeling refreshed.  I manage this refreshed part on a few days. For awhile over the past year, I awoke at 5:00 am. I’d listen to the news, meditate for 20 minutes, and then head to the gym before 6:00. Waking this early means I can lie in for a bit if I want. Now, I am re-learning that routine starting at 6:00 am. It’s taking some getting used to and eventually I adjust the time back further. So this part of my ideal day is my experience. As for the rest…

My perfect world is around me to some extent. Living on the Canadian west coast is my ideal.  Granted, that beach-side house overlooking the ocean in a tropical climate isn’t quite attainable here. OK, we have a few palm trees, amazing and beautiful beaches, and many, many ocean and sunset views available. I won’t leave my fabulous downtown condo for anything but a home with one of those views. I have plans for that, it’s on my vision board and it is unfolding as it should!

So I can get up and go for a run on the beach first thing in the morning–preferably in the summer! And during the winter, I have another home in a balmy climate where I spend time. Unless, I am my Whistler home, where I’ll fit some skiing into my work day (unless it’s a powder day, when the 20 centimetre rule kicks in!).

On one of my dream days, in my southern-situated home overlooking the ocean, I have my breakfast by the pool–fresh-squeezed orange juice, my signature smoothie and fresh decaffeinated coffee–checking emails on my laptop. From 8:00 to 11:00, I work on my business–building my network, reviewing training for myself or others, updating my virtual assistant on social media tasks, writing, reading, listening, learning, planning. Then as it’s getting warmer, I dive into the pool, swim a few lengths, shower and get ready for my first appointment of the day–a lunch meeting in an outdoor cafe, discussing business plans and opportunities. On another dream day, I change and head for the slopes for a few hours of steep and deep turns before heading off to my next rendezvous.

After lunch, I have meetings with clients and associates–strategizing for success! This is the time when we dig deep and do the actual work necessary to profit in this business. If I don’t have a dinner meeting organized (al fresco wherever possible), I might head to the gym if I didn’t get there this morning because of a breakfast meeting. When I dine at home, it’s always a salad with fresh, local market ingredients and my signature salad dressing (I have a few signature recipes that can’t be beat!) and maybe a piece of  fresh fish–salmon or tuna caught by my local fisherman (seriously!). I usually read work-related material while I eat and sometimes I actually watch TV. But I have to get to the emails again for a while before getting ready for bed.  And it’s imperative that I lay out my plans for tomorrow so I can do some of the work in my sleep!

I get into bed as early as I can so I can read–still some work-related and then, a luxurious novel. Of course, sometimes, it’s 9:00 pm, and sometimes it’s midnight, depending on the evening.

Evenings can vary too. I do a lot of volunteer work so evenings can entail both performing this work, if it wasn’t part of the day’s activity, or attending a fund-raising gala.  I love these because it means I can dress up in one of my gorgeous outfits and go out looking fabulous. Sometimes, I entertain friends at home. I used to do all the food preparation myself but now I have a chef to help me put together wonderful meals so I can spend my time with my guests. As well, my delightful and inspiring partner makes a perfect co-host!

All in all, a day with any of these is a good one. When I retire at night and feel as if I had time to myself, productive time with others, some meaningful time with my partner, some entertainment, exercise, nutritious and tasty food and some fresh air, life is perfect!


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Aspiring software consultant specializing in SharePoint. Business implementations and change management focusing on end user experience that is satisfying and productive.
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