Day 2 – A tough question

Natalie: “Are you cut out to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur?”  Or, in my words, am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?”

Well, this one is both easy and hard.  The answer is yes and no.  I have tried before and failed, more than once. And to be fair, I didn’t try very  hard. I always thought I could go it alone. I never wanted to build a team around me. I didn’t want to build the relationships.  In the Suitcase traveling rendition, I might be alone some of the time, much of the time, or in some cases, all of the time.  Yet, if the team is stormed, formed and normed, it will continue to function no matter where any of us is. And in this world of world-wide electronic communications, there is simply no excuse for managing within a team that is scattered far and wide. I must have heard some of those lessons from the past because I know that building relationships and having a team is a huge and important component for success.

The other big part of my failures was not knowing what to do.  Even though I learned lots of great things, great business ideas, great strategies, I wasn’t clear about the underlying basics. The marketing, the materials, the presentation, the freaking hard work, which of course, I always shied away from.  When I signed up for Bill’s course four years ago, I didn’t have an idea in mind. He says “it doesn’t matter, we’ll pull it out of you”. But still, a business idea has to be something you believe in and want to do.  Now, I have an idea and something I love to do.  And I’m good at it.  It may not be the award-winning millions of dollars idea but I’m leaving that to Bill and the universe. Pull out of me the ways to make my business a huge, million dollar success instead of just a great profitable success. This time I plan to learn the basics of the hard work that is entailed and plan for a seriously successful business.

And so, for now, yes, I am cut out to be an entrepreneur. And a year from now, I will truly know.


About skateykat

Aspiring software consultant specializing in SharePoint. Business implementations and change management focusing on end user experience that is satisfying and productive.
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